Terms & Conditions

  1. The Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the accompanying luggage.
  2. In case of break down the fare for uncovered portion of journey considering the nearest fare stage will refundable.
  3. Passengers are allowed to carry 10kg as personal luggage. Any excess luggage will be charged @ Rs.10/- per kg irrespective of destination.
  4. Unless otherwise notified the company will operate Kaveri Travels services from authorized embarkation / disembarkation points on routes. To ensure safety, security and operational convenience, all passengers are instructed to refrain from boarding / getting off the busses at any other location on route.
  5. The arrival and departure times mentioned on the ticket are only tentative timings. Busses may be delayed due to some unavoidable reasons like traffic jams etc.; however the bus will not leave the source before the time that is mentioned on the ticket.
  6. Passengers are requested to arrive at the boarding point at least 15 mins. Before the scheduled time of departure.
  7. Passengers are required to furnish the following at the time of boarding the bus. Failing to do so, they may not be allowed to board the bus
  8. Operator have right to change the Seat No.
  9. The company is not responsible for any loss of goods or property of the passengers and accident.
  10. The company shall not be responsible for any delay or inconvenience during the journey due to breakdown of the vehicle or other reasons beyond the control of the company.
  11. For the Online Transactions using EBS payment gateway, charges will be billed to your Card / Bank Statement as Abhibus.
  12. Cancellation / Refunds:
    • For ticket cancellations:
  13. * Before 05 hours prior to the start time of departure 10%(shall be deducted on the fare)
    * Before 0-05 hours prior to the start time of departure No Cancellation. (No refund will be given to “NO-SHOW” passenger who do not report at the boarding point on time.)

  14. Cancellation charges are applicable on original fare but not on the discounted fare. The cancellation charges are deducted from the collected/discounted fare and the balance is refunded. [For example: If the original ticket fare is Rs.1000 and your discounted fare is Rs.900, the cancellation charges are calculated on the original fare. i.e., on Rs.1000. So if the cancellation charges are 10%, your refund amount would be Rs.900-100= Rs.800.]

  15. In Case of Service Cancellation,Customers are requested not to cancel the tickets on their own,if any customer cancels the ticket,it will be treated as normal cancellation and refund will processed as per the report.
  16. The trips are subject to cancellation or postponement due to breakdown of the vehicle or insufficient passengers for the trip. Under such circumstances, passengers will be intimated through email/phone as soon as possible and the ticket amount will be refunded. No passenger will be taken on the wayside. Baggage and Luggage will be booked at owner's risk subjected to the acceptance by Kaveri Tours and Travels.